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What does Bootlá mean?

Bootlá is the name of the brand and it is not an actual word. It reverts to “bute lá”, a slang Portuguese expression that means “let’s go”

Why isn't Canyoning available any longer?

Canyoning does not work during May to September because it’s too dry for a proper experience. As it is also busy season, we decided to remove it from the website. Anyway, you can always contact us for that service outside that period.

Do you offer group discounts?

Indeed. If you have a party of 4 or more people, please contact us for further information on our offers.

How bumpy is Jeep Safari?

Jeep Safari is indeed an all-terrain experience but it’s not meant to be bumpy. By going off the main roads, you get to have a different view of Santa Maria and really embrace its rurality. The non-asphalt roads we use are dirt tracks use regularly by farmers and we take it very slow, for your comfort and your due joyfulness of the journey. If you have mobility issues, please let as know so we can facilitate your coming on and off the jeep with an appropriate step.

How fit must I be to join a São Lourenço Adventure or South COASTeering?

These experiences are not meant to super heroes and therefor are accessible for the average person. If you are an active person that can climb a flight of stairs without losing your breath and able to power walk for 30 minutes, you should have the necessary endurance. Swim is also an important issue, not so much because of your ability to keep your head over water (that’s pretty much assured by the suit and floating vest) but mostly because you should have the ability to move while in the water.

Should I take any food for São Lourenço Adventure or South COASTeering experiences?

You might, but be advised it will rest in the car until you end. We have a very limited space for food that we keep in waterproof cases we take in our backpacks. We use to cereal bars – a compact and light type of food. If, however, you have any food restriction and must take anything specific, please let us know and choose something as light and compact.



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